Monday, September 24, 2007

Bento 10: Cucumber and Crabs and Mr. Roboto

Another attempt to be cute.

Main compartment: Heart cucumber sandwiches, strawberry poxy, green onions, small packet of salt, carrot sticks, grape tomatoes.

Left compartment: Cauliflower, broccoli, low-fat ranch dressing.

Upper Right Compartment: Crispy Veggies.

Lower Right Compartment: Tangelo in the shape of a crab. Does it look like a crab to you?
Snack Bento is Mr. Bento just because: string cheese, strawberry cereal bar cut in two, ginger snaps, ricotta honey nut spread, and a stick of gum.
You know, there was a time I could spell. Darn, I just found the spell checker on this thing. That would have been nice a few posts ago.

Bento Nine: Chicken Salad Squagle

Main Compartment: One everything squagle, cauliflower, and the blue container had dijon mustard.
Left container: Chicken Apple Salad. I roasted a chicken on the weekend and decided to make chicken salad with some of the leftovers! Reduced fat mayo and a red delicious apple along with celery went into this salad. I had enough for the next days lunch!
Upper right container: low fat ranch dressing for the cauliflower.
Lower right compartment: One spinach stuffing ball, one mini almond joy, and one stick of gum.
The apple Bento (Tupperware): one plum, one mozerella cheese stick and a strawberry cereal bar cut in half.

Bento Eight: Tulip Pizza

Main Compartment: Pizza is made out of ready made pie crust. I used tomato sauce and added oregano and basil. A little diced onion and bell pepper, some turkey sausage (browned) and a mozzerella stick diced, 350 in a toaster oven until the cheese melts and Bob's your uncle! Very good cold and warm, though it proved a little fragile.
Left compartment: Caesar Salad. With a new purchase-cocktail pick! It worked very well.
Upper Right Compartment: Italian Hummus with a grape tomato for a sun. Squashed around it are garlic rounds.
Lower right compartment: gelatin and more garlic rounds.
Snack Bento: Grape tomatoes, two sticks of gum, one reduced fat chips ahoy chocolate chip cookie cut in half, and crispy vegetables from the Fresh Market. I know those vegetables probably aren't healthy, but they are real vegetables so I will delude myself a little while longer!


Okay, Bento seven is to the left. I will move it when I figure out how.


Okay, so I haven't updated. I didn't realize how much time this would take! I am attempting to update. It will be a slow process. I have lots to add but will only be able to add a little at a time.


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bento 6 Happy Bento

Tier to the left contains chicken Parmesan couscous salad.

Next are my vegetables. Grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, carrot sticks, and yellow bell pepper. Underneath the vegetables is one flat bread cracker.

Happy face is the hummus I made over the weekend. Carrots for eyes, tomato for nose, and yellow bell pepper slice for mouth.

Below the mouth is the ricotta cheese spread again. 1/2 a granny smith apple rounds out the healthy portion of lunch.

Lime gelatin, a yogurt Ritter Sport chocolate bar, and stick of gum end my lunch Bento.

The grape Bento is my snack Bento. Dried Apricots, one butterscotch candy, a strawberry cereal bar cut in half, vegetable chips, and two sticks of gum. Also, a mozzarella cheese stick is cut into. Again, I was going for a fish.

Hey, at least I made a happy face!

Bento 5 Poolside roast beef sandwich Bento

The left compartment contains granny smith apple slices and a fork pick.

The top blue container has ricotta honey nut spread.

the bottom blue container has Cajun trail mix. To the right is a cucumber slice and a hulled out end of cucumber containing tomato neufachatel.

The sandwich is wheat berry bread, thin sliced roast beef, romaine lettuce, and hummus. A grape tomato through a toothpick holds it together.

The right side upper most corner has dried apricots and ginger snaps. The cheese spread turned out to be better with the ginger snaps than the apples!

The bottom right side container has green olives and grape tomatoes.

I couldn't eat all of this Bento, if with two long swims.

Bento 4 Poolside Cumber

My first really cute Bento!
This is in a lock and lock box. I made cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese on wheatberry bread. I used the heart shaped cutter.
On the bottom tier I placed grape tomatoes in a silicone cup divider and stuffed some strawberry Poxy in the side. Half a plum went on top. Also some vegetable chips with a vienna sausage. I tried to make a tulip, but ended up cutting it in half. Oh well. Practice makes perfect.
This was perfect eating at the pool. Light and refreshing.

This Bento was from Sunday. The others were last week.

Bento 3 Not so good

Again veggies and ranch dip.

The blue silicone cup holds green olives.

The right hand corner has 1/2 an orange, a stick of gum, and a Ritter Sport chocolate bar. After all, what is life without chocolate!

Main compartment holds A Taste of Thai something Pau flavor. This wasn't what I had meant to purchase. It was okay hot, but cold it was just a blob of noodles! I will not be repeating this, unless I get a proper Bento that is microwaveable or find a divider I can microwave in to fit this box, and most importantly have the peanut flavor I like!

I ended up buying a ham sandwich out of the vending machine!
The grape container is now my snack Bento. It is a fruit locker from Tupperware. I meant for everything to look like a fish. Hmmm, maybe close?
Again with the grapes as the body of the fish. The tail is made out of cherry yogurt pretzels. The top fin is made up of my two sticks of gum (this is two snacks). The bottom fin is a mini nutella spreader for the mustard.
Sun-dried tomatoes are the eye and a babybel on top of the blue pill-box that contains the Dijon mustard is the teeth.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bento 2 PB & J

The blue container to the side is again my snack Bento.
It contains grapes, ginger snaps, and a couple of sticks of gum.

The orange container is my lunch Bento.

Again I have vegetables on the left and ranch dressing in the upper right corner. The lower right corner has another spinach stuffing ball.

The main compartment contains a peanut butter and blackberry jam sandwich. The bread is wheat, the PB reduced fat, and the jam simply fruit.

The left cupcake divider had dried vegetable chips. The bottom one has Cajun trail mix.